Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Social Network tops US box office for a second week

Mark Zuckerberg 
The Social Network, movie about the rise of internet phenomenon Facebook, has topped the US box office chart for a second week.  Social Network, written by West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin and directed by David Fincher, stars Justin Timberlake and newcomer Jesse Eisenberg.  The film charts the history of the website from its launch in 2004.  It goes on to track the legal battle between creator Mark Zuckerberg and several fellow students at Harvard.  His former friends claim he stole their idea.  The Social Network took $15.5m (£9.8m) in its second week.
  • 1. The Social Network - $15.5m
  • 2. Life As We Know It - $14.5m
  • 3. Secretariat - $12.7m
  • 4. Legend of the Guardians - $6.9m
  • 5. My Soul To Take - $6.8m
Have you guys seen this movie?


  1. I have seen that film. In my opinion it was bad ):

  2. interesting, I didn't know that...


  3. this is relevant to just what I was thinking about

  4. thanks for your insight on my blog... people are trying to be scandalous against Taylor :(

  5. great movie. really loved eisenberg's performance.

    on an unrelated note, these goddamn blogspot bots are annoying. i have the same comments from them on my blog.

  6. i can't believe this guy is a billionaire

  7. Wow, i cant believe people would go pay to see that crap.

  8. i saw that movie lol

    the good part was the starting,
    the dialogue between mark and his girlfriend (erica)

    btw remove your captcha here