Monday, October 11, 2010

Chile escape shaft near completion

The men stuck in a mine in northern Chile are still stuck there.

Work to line the top of an escape shaft with metal tubing is expected to finish in the next few hours at the mine where 33 men are trapped in northern Chile.  A winch and pulley will be installed and the shaft tested before the rescue begins, it is hoped, on Wednesday.  Amid the final preparations for the rescue the Chilean health minister said some of the miners were gallantly insisting they should be last to leave.  The men have been entombed since the mine partially collapsed on 5 August.

Among their relatives at the surface, initial despair at the accident gave way to anxiety over their predicament, to be replaced by joy and excitement as the hoped-for rescue approaches.  After 41 days of drilling and three separate rescue plans, engineers finally broke through to the miners on Saturday morning, sparking celebrations across Chile.

What do you think?  They have been stuck in that mine for awhile.


  1. they've been down there for ages, must be so intense down there. Will be awesome to see them achieve freedom

  2. awesome info here... good job!

    (btw, turn off your captcha... it's annoying)